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  1. Wanted:
    I may be in the market for a Fastback Rapier H120, if the right car becomes available. Preferably in good original or restored condition. I have looked at a couple over the last few years but both needed too much work.

  2. The H120 is a rare beast these days as is the Hunter GLS. I know some real basket cases of GLS are undergoing restorations because people are so desperate for one. I know of a brown GLS for sale it looks in reasonable condition but would not win a beauty contest. As for an H120 you will either have to restore whatever is found or be very patient – eventually an owner somewhere will die. I really don’t think you will persuade an owner with a good one to part with it – I wouldn’t if I had one.
    That said I have asked the GLS/H120 owners if they know of one that might be for sale.

  3. David Seeds

    Thanks for the advice Paul. I’ve walked away from a couple of projects, maybe I shouldn’t have. I can’t take on any more projects at the moment as I am half way through the rebuilds of an Avenger GT and a Sunbeam Stiletto at the moment. I missed out on a beautiful Bitter Green one in the south of England, but someone beat me to it.

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