Rootes Group Club

Welcome to the Rootes Group Club a new club that is free to join for all owners and enthusiast of Rootes Group vehicles. We welcome cars, vans, military, commercial, and heavy goods vehicles, Humber, Hillman, Sunbeam, Singer, Commer, and Karrier we hope we haven't excluded anyone. Please join us. Please sign up using the Register link at the top right of the page, within the login box at the top of the left column or cut and paste the link here When you sign up you will get an automated email to confirm your email address - remember to check your junk email and "whitelist" the group if required.


While some classics are used all year round, some owners prefer to take their pride and joy off the road during the winter months. Storage preparation is crucial, and if not done with careful planning, can end up costing more than just an oil and filter service. 1. CLEAN, DRY AND WRAP IT. Removing any


SORN’ing a car can be beneficial all year around.. That’s why laid-up insurance is a no-brainer for enthusiasts wanting to SORN their car. Whether you’re thinking of tinkering with your car or having it in long-term restoration, laid-up insurance can give you extra cover if the worst hap-pens. While many decide to take their car


I have been in touch with the Association of Rootes Car Clubs to investigate the Rootes Group Club being a member but at this time there is a charge of 1.50 per member levied. They currently do not have a model for free clubs but (I am reliably informed) that this will be discussed at

Messaging other members

Click on the word “Members” then find the member you wish to contact (you can use the search function) click on their name and then choose “private message”. Please note that if you choose “public message” everyone can read what you say.