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Please cars, and parts only e.g. no wives (or husbands) – well possibly if they are stunning), or other non Rootes related items.


  1. Rootes Group Car parts for sale.Sunbeam Alpine Sunbeam Rapier Spares for sale.

    Description Part Number If Known Condition Notes Price
    1972 Sunbeam Rapier Complete Car For restoration V5 Present Low Mileage. Floors Inner and Outer Sills plus Out-Riggers Required. Currently SORN Vehicle except Engine and Gearbox and Interior all glass and trim are present. Floor and Outriggers rotten, Vehicle is too good to break good inner wings doors and front wings needing only minor repairs. Boot section is good. Needs Restoring. 400.00
    1972 Sunbeam Rapier Interior N/A 2 Front seats good condition no rips, 2 Door Cards Rear seats and Door Cards Good Condition Black 300.00
    4 speed gearbox Overdrive adaptable Sunbeam Alpine MK4 Tested however overdrive is missing. Rotates Freely. 200.00
    4 Speed gearbox-Non Overdrive Sunbeam Alpine MK4/5 Seized spares Only. Seized 50.00
    1600cc Engine Sunbeam Alpine MK4 Rotates Freely
    Needs Inspecting but rotates Freely. 200.00
    Sunbeam Alpine MK V GT with Heritage Certificate and V5 present.
    08-07-1966 Sunbeam Alpine MK V GT Stripped and Blasted and in Primer. Floor and Crucifix good, rear wings good. Needs New Front Wings, inner Wing repair. Car comes with suspension parts rolling chassis ETC. Restoration Only 500.00
    Sunbeam Alpine Front Wings LH and RH Sunbeam Alpine MK V New and in primer never been fitted manufactured by professional panel maker whom manufactures Aston Martin Components excellent quality and construction in etch primer. New 1300.00 Pair
    Sunbeam Alpine LH and RH rear Wings Sunbeam Alpine MK4/5 Repaired Units in excellent condition Have had some repairs to arches in primer and in good condition. Repaired 750.00 Pair.
    1600 cc Engine Sunbeam Alpine Rapier Complete Engine Not Tested But does turn freely Rotates Freely 250.00
    All located Northants

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