Rootes Group Club

The Rootes Group Club is a new club that is free to join for all owners and enthusiast of Rootes Group vehicles.

Please sign up using the Register link at the top right on the page, within the login box or click here

When you sign up you will get an automated email to confirm your email address once you have clicked on the link in the email you can log into the site. Please note that until approved by an administrator you will not be able to create new posts. Please note that this site is run by volunteers so you will not get an immediate upgrade from “subscriber” to “contributor”

Please let us know if you would like to be involved in the running of this new club.

The club is new and the website is very much work in progress (time permitting) please provide feedback so that we can make the club better wherever possible.

We hope you enjoy being a member of the club and interacting with the other members on your own site rather than a public one such as facebook.


  1. Greetings

    Thank you for including me in the club/group

    Not being an expert computer user there will obviously be a learning curve for the new format.

    With what I have seen on the Yahoo Hillmancars group and the various Facebook groups can I suggest a folder or location where we can post useful articles or how to information.
    The biggest problem with Facebook is any useful information seems to get drowned in irrelevant chatter. It is virtually impossible to fine the place you were at before.
    The sort of arrangement the Hillman Club of South Australia has on their web page make it very easy to find pictures or tech info.

    Just my tuppence worth

    Longreach Queensland
    Always answers many questions when you know where someone is from 🙂

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