Rootes Group Club is a member of the FBHVC

The Rootes Group Club is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. The Rootes Group Club can now offer: Exclusive insurance scheme. Access to expert help and advice. Discounts on other products and services. We will shortly be offering “Premium Membership” to allow members to enjoy these additional benefits for only 47p.


I have been in touch with the Association of Rootes Car Clubs to investigate the Rootes Group Club being a member but at this time there is a charge of 1.50 per member levied. They currently do not have a model for free clubs but (I am reliably informed) that this will be discussed at

Rootes Group Club

Rootes Group Club

The Rootes Group Club is a new club that is free to join for all owners and enthusiast of Rootes Group vehicles. Please sign up using the Register link at the top right on the page, within the login box or click here https://www.rootesgroup.club/register/ When you sign up you will get an automated email to